Why Auram Safaris?


Tanzania is a destination with varying dazzling destinations, knowledge is paramount. With our help, planning, and traveling your luxury tour of Tanzania will be effortless and exciting. From our offices in the heart of safaris in Arusha, Auram Safaris provides expert advice, tailor-made bespoke itineraries, and on-the-group support. Bringing you the Finest of Tanzania

Superior Services

We understand that every client is different and therefore great attention is needed to ensure we plan the perfect Tanzania Safari Packages for you. We know what great customer service is and work tirelessly to ensure every client experiences this. Auram Safaris is committed to giving you the experience of a lifetime!

Personalised & Flexible Itineraries

Our Safari In Tanzania itineraries can be as short as a day trip or as long as a one-month fully inclusive Tanzanian adventure. There are no limits and all options can be explained to you. Unless you choose to join an existing group, we do not have set departure dates, therefore allowing you to choose the exact date that fits best with your travel plans.

Booking With Ease

We can guarantee an extremely fast turnaround time to enquiries, as well as clear and well-explained options. You will journey to Tanzania feeling well prepared, comfortable and confident that you are going to have an incredible holiday.

Ethical & Sustainable Travel

We believe very strongly that every tour company should ensure their clients are making a positive impact on the destination they travel to.

Tanzania is a developing country and thousands of local people rely on work opportunities generated by tourism. Although tourism is a major source of employment, it can also have negative impacts. Auram Safaris does everything possible to ensure all of our guests’ visits benefit this beautiful country and its people.